About Getaway Gift Box

Hi, I'm Nicole Brimberry!

Nicole, Owner Getaway Gift Box      I grew up all over the East Coast from NJ, Miami, to Asheville, NC, LA, and now Oregon, in a large Italian family. Every year I would look forward to holidays, birthdays, and just all around occasions to put together gifts for my friends and family. As fun as it was receiving gifts, I always loved gathering gifts for others more. Throughout the year, I would do just that for those special people in my life. I would go into a store, see something that was unique and different that I loved for one particular person and hang on to that item months (sometimes a year, yes I know...I'm crazy) before their special occasion because I knew they would love it. I especially loved taking mental notes on items that they would mention throughout the year. Then, many months later, I would make sure to include those items as part of their gift basket. The best part is when someone would say, "You remembered that!" That makes the gift hoarding all worth it!
        It's not just the item that makes the gift special. It's all about the presentation as well. From a very early age, my mom would teach me how to tie bows, curl ribbon, and wrap gifts with perfection/as little tape as necessary. My mom taught me these ribbon skills on giant spools of ribbon she had from her mother - no joke. I'm seriously not sure how there's still any left as they've been used to wrap all her gifts for the last forty years.

        The years 2020 and afterward have been filled with so many changes and challenges (to say the least), but when I was forced to come to terms with realizing what I truly wanted to do in life, it all started to make sense. I made a list of all the things I was passionate about and curating gifts for people was at the very top.  It was clear to me I needed to take this gifting "hobby" to the next level.

        I’ve always been passionate about the environment and repurposing items when possible, so when it came down to honing in on what I wanted to do to make my company different, I decided I wanted to repurpose vintage items I have always loved items such as etched glass and floral china, giving them life once again. We only have this one beautiful planet, so I want to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible, while sending the "gift of travel."
Our Mission Statement
         Getaway Gift Box will always strive to use sustainable and US sourced, hand selected items that will put a smile on your recipient’s face as well as the environment. Each box is carefully curated with a destination location in mind, designed to take you out of your world and send you on vacation with a scent, touch, taste, and visual of your box’s destination. Now, more than ever, we want to make sure you are able to embark on a journey through the experience we’ve curated in your Getaway Gift Box.